Charlie Callahan has lived in Northern California since 2000. Contact me frozinlava@gmail.com or check available seelife on etsy

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2011 artist statement

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  1. Keith Kelley says:


    My name is Keith Kelley, and I was interested in contacting artist Charlie Callahan. We may have attended the same high school, Fort Hayes Metropolitan, in Columbus, Ohio. I recall his paintings back then(I recall a painting with a shark), and I was interested in communicating with the artist.

    I can be contacted at keith_rkelley@yahoo.com

    Thank you.


  2. Rick Van Horn says:

    Charlie, your work is amazing! I would not expect any less. Keep up the great work man! E-mail me back and we can swap some stories.

    Again, your work is unique and challenging. I mean that in the best of ways!


  3. Pati says:

    Ciao, my name is pati i use to live in san francisco more then 10 years ago, i don t know if you are the right person, but i think yes you should be a friend of a girl that i met that time and she called alice gould, she is an artist and she studied in italy years before we met,i can’t find any contact from her. please let me know if you know her.
    i sent you many congratulations you are a great artist, i just dioscover you today, 14 august, rainy day, italy…….
    best wishes…

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